Quantum Help Center

Frequently asked questions

Can I get Remote Assistance?

Yes you can! Should you require any online remote support for your pc or POS system, simply download the free ANYDESK remote assistance software on our downloads page and install it to your pc. Once installed you can give us a call on 014-592-3566 or whatsapp us on 073-522-3566 and we will gladly assist you

How do I become a member on Quantum Technologies Webiste?

Registering on Quantum Tech is easy. To get started you’ll need an email address and at least one contact telephone number.

You’ll also be asked to create a unique five-character password to keep your account safe. Make sure it's memorable and not one you've ever used on any other website before.
To register click here.

Is it safe to shop on Quantum Tech?

Yes it is. We take the security of your payment and personal information seriously.

I have forgotten my password, how do I access my account?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you create a new one. On our log-in page, click on the link next to 'Forgot your password?'.

Enter your account email address and we’ll then email you instructions to your account email address on how to create a new password.

Can you help me find an item?

Send us an e-mail and tell us what product you looking for, we will reply to that e-mail with a link to the product.

Can you give me more information about a product?

We provide all the available product information that we have from our suppliers on every product page. You’ll find all the important details under 'Description' and 'Product Info' on each product page.

When will the item I want be in stock?

All out of stock items will be replenished as soon as more stock is available to us. You can check back on the product page to see if the item you have your eye on is available again.

We don't currently have an automated alert system to let you know when an item is due back in stock.