Network cabling is one of the more complicated parts of your IT infrastructure. Does your network currently look like spaghetti junction?Do You need a Professional network installation specialist? Well Look no Further.... We offer professional network cabling installations. We will save you time and money with our efficient, cost-effective network installation services. Our network installation technicians are highly qualified and have many years of experience corporate network installations. 
Is it Time to Upgrade My Network Infrastructure? 
If you are experiencing intermittent disconnections from the Internet or your server, you may need to consider upgrading your wired or wireless network infrastructure. Upgrading your networking or installing higher capacity wireless access points can help you overcome these disruptions to productivity and keep you and your staff connected.
Loss of data on your computer network and errors could very easily be as a result of attenuation (signal weakening) on your current network. Aging cables, interferance and natural causes such as rodents could cause you to lose speed on your network.  Network cable testing pinpoints exactly where the problematic areas are on your computer network.  If you believe your network might not be running optimally, contact us.  We can give you a no-obligation quote on bringing your computer network back up to full speed again.