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Epson Compatible ERC 30/34/38 cartridge ribbons are perfect for a point of sale receipt printer, kitchen printer, credit card printer or an impact printer at restaurants, hotels, retail stores, or any other business. The Epson Compatible ERC 30/34/38 cartridge ribbon is our top selling cartridge ink ribbon and the most common cartridge ink ribbon used in impact printers.  



  • Each Ribbon is individually sealed in plastic
  • Packaged 12 ribbons per box
  • Long Life High Density Nylon
  • Guaranteed to Meet and/or Exceed Manufacturer (OEM) Specifications
  • ½” x 5.5 YDS Nylon Specifications
  • In stock in our MA, PA, IL, FL, TX and CA warehouses for same day shipping with Fast & Free Delivery


Compatible Item / Product Numbers: R918, R918-BR, R918-B, R918-P, R-ERC30-BR, R-ERC30-B, R-ERC30-P, ERC30/34/38, 40175br,123550, 900457, POS-SR40CR, Black - C43S015374, Purple - C43S01375, Black/Red - C43S015376, 918-BR, POS-SR40CR, POS-SR30P, SR 20, 2433-95r96, 4017521, 03360, ep30r, RC30B


All of our Epson Compatible ERC 30/34/38 ink cartridge ribbons meet all impact printer manufacturers (OEM) requirements. This includes popular impact POS printers like the Epson TM-U220 and Epson TM-U200 - as well as the Bixolon SRP-275 series impact printers. See the complete list on the "Works With" tab.

ERC 30/34/38 ink cartridge ribbons are used to print on 1-ply bond receipt paper rolls, 2-ply carbonless receipt paper rolls and 3-ply carbonless receipt roll paper.

ERC-30/34/38 Cartridge Ribbon

SKU: ERC1000

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