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Gainward GeForce GT430 1024MB DDR3 (part number Barcode: 426018336-2173) Graphics Processing Unit for desktop market segment is based on NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, and produced on 40 nm manufacturing process. The card features 700 MHz graphics and 1.4 GHz processor clock speeds. It also sports 96 CUDA cores, 16 texture units, together with 4 ROPs. The GeForce GT430 1024MB DDR3 incorporates 1 GB of GDDR3 memory, clocked at 700 MHz. It has a 128 bit wide memory interface, which gives 22.4 GB/s memory bandwidth. The GPU supports PCI Express 2.0 interface, and needs 2 motherboard slots. The maximum power draw of this model is 49 Watt.

Gainward GeForce GT430 1024MB DDR3 Graphics Card

SKU: 4301000
R499.99 Regular Price
R250.00Sale Price

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