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The HDMI Extender uses only one CAT-5e/6 cable to extend the HDTV display in resolutions of 4Kx2K and 1080p. It does not only break the limitation of the HDMI cable transmission length, but also has more flexibility and convenience in cable construction.

- Use a single CAT-6 cable to extend an HDTV display up to 30 meters in 1080p resolution and 15 meters in 4K (15 & 7 meters with CAT5e).
- One pair works as a full functional module with no need to set any settings.
- IEEE-568B standardised.
- Compact size.
- HDCP compliant
- No need for an extra power supply
- Installing the HDMI Extender Over CAT5e/CAT6:
- Plug the transmitter into the HDMI input source such as a DVD, PS4, STB etc.
- Connect a CAT-5e/6 cable to both the output of the transmitter and input of the receiver.
- Plug the HDMI receiver into the HDMI display such as: TV, Projector etc.

What's in the box
1x HDMI Over CAT5e/6 Transmiter
1x HDMI Over CAT5e/6 Receiver

HDMI Extender Over CAT5e/6 Network Ethernet Adapter - Up to 30m


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