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Jebson’s 4-key optical gaming mouse will enhance your gaming experience and is perfect for both the pro and the beginner. Unlike console controllers, mouse reticules are more accurate and give you pinpoint precision. This raw input gives you full control over how you play and how your character moves. The Jebson gaming mouse features a modern design, coupled with seven-colour LEDs. The mouse itself is large and ergonomic, allowing for a great, comfortable grip. The adjustable resolution of 800DPI to 1600DPI gives you incredible sensitivity. It allows for a smooth and quick response time. The ribbed scroll wheel is perfect for covering a large map. Coated in a smooth finish and utilising a claw grip, the mouse sits comfortably in your hand. This is especially handy during intense plays that might cause you to sweat. This gaming mouse is not only comfortable during long periods of play, but it will give you an edge over your competitors.

Jebson 4-button Gaming Mouse

SKU: JB4000
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