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Display method: Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
Brightness: 700cd/m2
Display: color: Blue–green
Characters: 40 characters (20 columns * 2 lines)
Character font: 5*7
Character size: 5.0mm * 3.5mm (H*W)
Character type: 96 alphanumeric, 13 kinds of international character set
Power supply: DC5V (USB power port)
Power consumption: 2.5W
Interface: RS232 serial or USB 2.0
Baud rate: 2400/9600BPS
Command set: ESC/POS / CD5220 / UTC-S / UTC-E
OPOS system: Epson OPOS
Operating system: Windows/Android/IOS
MTBF: 30000H
Viewing angle: 360°
Swivel angle: 0~270°
Working: T&H -30℃-50℃,30%—80%
Storage: T&H -40℃--60℃,10%--90%
Total Height: 210mm to 450mm
Panel dimension: 190(W)*41(H)*40(D)mm
Support Height: 120mm*2
Base dimension: 187mm*93mm
Weight: 0.9KG
Color: Black

PD 220V

SKU: PD1000

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