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  • Please Note: This item is a refurbished unit
  • There is no original box
  • It has a Remote, a manual, RCA cable and power plug
  • The condition is like new
  • It has the sticker tape on that protects the casing, if you remove that sticker the casing is new
  • No warranty on this item
  • No guarantee on this item
  • No Refunds on this item
  • No exchanges on this item 
  • It is tested and working 100%
  • We do not offer installations on this item
  • Please contact radio islam for more info 



1. Press the menu button on the Radio Islam remote (Edit channel will appear)
2. Press the down arrow button and then move down to Installation
3. Press the right arrow button and move down to TP LIST and then press OK
4. Scroll up to Number 27 = frequency 12722 / 26650
5. Notice signal strength will turn blue +-90% and signal quality will turn green in colour +- 70%
If correct go to step 12
6. If signal quality is Grey and Quality is LOW +- 5% then:
7. Press (F2) Green button on remote
8. Change frequency from 3000 to 12723
9. Go down to symbol rate and change from 100KS/s to 26650
10. Go down to polarity and change from H to V
11. Go down to save and press OK
Notice signal strength and quality will change colour – if not call installer for dish.
12. Now press F4 (blue button) on remote = search
13. Go up to FTA only and press Right arrow button and change to YES
14. Go down to scan channel and press Left arrow button to Radio. Network search = NO
15. Go down to OK & press OK
16. Search and YES – press OK – wait until scan is complete
17. Press exit button 3 (three) times to get back to main screen.
18. Press the menu button on remote and move up to edit Channel*
19. Press the right arrow button to move to Radio list then press OK
20. Look for Radio Islam 35K and press the OK button on it.
21. Now press F3 (Yellow) button on remote then press OK again – you will notice a double arrow on the right hand side of Radio Islam – 35K appearing.
22. Now move to position number 1 then press (F3) yellow button on remote* a message will appear “are you sure to save?” select YES then press OK
23. Now press exit button 3 (three) to exit setup and return to normal.

24. Contact Zunaid Khan if there are any further problems 084 304 0795

Radio Islam Decoder MW1548

SKU: MW151000
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R296.00Sale Price

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