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80MM Thermal Printer GP802


-Paper width: 80mm
-Type: Thermal printing
-Ports: USB RS232 LAN
-Print Speed: 260mm/sec- 300mm/s
- print commands: Compatible with POS / ESC command
- power supply: DC24V / 2.5A
- drawer management: DC24V / 1A
-Cutter: total cut, partial cut
-Dot density: 512/576 dot/line
-Print speed: 300 mm/s
-Interface: Serial+USB+Ethernet, USB+Parallel
-Line space: 3.75 mm (can be adjusted)
-Character Size: ANK Font Font A: 12×24 dots Font B: 9×17 dots

What's in the box
1 x Thermal Printer 80mm


SKU: GP1000

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