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  • High reliability SUNIX UL7502AQ Parallel controller on-board.
  • Expand single IEEE1284 compatible DB-25 type Parallel LPT port on system.
  • Universal PCI compatible with 64/32-bit PCI-X/PCI Bus and 3.3/5V connector key.
  • Compliance with PCI 33MHz Version 3.0/2.3/2.2/2.1 specification.
  • Support IEEE 1284-1994 parallel port standard with user configuration
      *  ECP (Enhance Capacity Port) / EPP (Enhance Parallel Port)
       * SPP (Standard Parallel Port) / BPP (Bi-direction Parallel Port)
  • Support legacy ISA address (278, 378, 3BC) or standard PCI Plug-n-Play modes.
  • Install as a fully featured I/O mapped and operation configured as computer's native parallel LPT port.
  • Low profile bracket design idea for slim or portable PC.
  • Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft WHQL approval.
  • Support Microsoft Windows, Linux, and DOS.


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